Become Fit with the Wii Fit

wiifit How can you combine sporting with entertainment? Yes I'm not really a sportive guy. But playing a game on the Wii every once in a while is something that's more my thing. A few months ago I ordered the game Wii Fit. This game is a very strange game, because are we sure it's a game? It helps you do some yoga, strength training and aerobics. This is more like sport isn't it? But yes one of the four categories you can sort of do/play is a game category, it's about balancing. I tried this category first off course. Its exactly what it says its all balancing games.

I'm not entirely sure how the game works internally. But the game comes with a board that looks like an ordinary scale but has the intelligence to determine where your balance is. It's just perfect for all the things you don't want to know, like your BMI. I've just played the game for half an hour, but I really like it.

Mario Kart Wii

mariokartwiibox It's not because I've played every Wii game till the end. It's more something about playing a new and different game. Just a week ago I bought Mario Kart Wii as soon as it got release in The Netherlands. It was even a bargain because the shop had a special price for Friday and Saturday.

It's a fantastic game, I've played it alone to get some extra items release. It's very nice to play and the handling with the steering wheel is extraordinary. It's better than the old GameCube version of Mario Kart. Besides playing with the steering wheel it's also possible to use the old GameCube-controllers to play it. This is nice when there are more friends at home. You can play the game in multiplayer mode with a total of four players. But it is also possible to play it on the Internet. I haven't tried that, but all along this game will be played a lot in the oncoming months and maybe even years.

Super Mario Galaxy

super-mario-galaxyIt's been a while since I last posted about me gaming on the Nintendo Wii.

Yesterday I bought the just released Super Mario Galaxy. I didn't have time to play it yesterday, but today I played Mario Galaxy for about 2 hours. I really like it, it's a very nice game to play, the whole game has some very nice gravity. You are attracted or not, it's all very naturally.

Take a look at the dutch Super Mario Galaxy site to get an idea about the game-play. Also Google Video about Super Mario Galaxy.

Big Brain Academy

BrainacademyToday I bought Big Brain Academy Wii Degree. A very nice game which consists of small brain training games that can be played by everyone, young and old. I played the single player mode, which results in an amount of brainweight, mine was about 1200 grams. Besides this single player mode they put special attention to multi player mode. There are three different games you can play in multi player mode. All are very nice combinations of brain training games. And the most special thing, you can play the game with a total of 8 players. You can give the Wiimote to the next player so you are not limited to the Wii limitation of 4 Wiimotes. Besides you don't have to buy 8 Wiimotes.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Yesterday I was at a toystore. Just looking at just released games for the Nintendo Wii. There weren't any new games of my interest. But an old game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent was very cheap (just about € 30,-), so I thought I could give it a try. I've been playing it a little (almost 4 hours), and I like it. First it was a little difficult to understand all the things you can do, and have to do. But after two hours I got that right. Just finished the first mission, now trying to find some time to play the second mission.

This is already the fourth Splinter Cell game, and I've never played any other version, so it was a lot more difficult to understand the story. But as far as I understood it's about Sam who is playing a double agent. He works for both the CIA (good guys) and the JBA (bad guys). The game is about completing missons and objectives. You have a lot of options to make your way through the mission, you can kill enemies, but you don't have too. You can also be very quiet to make sure you don't get caught. I tried to kill as less enemies as possible, but I wasn't really very succesful in it.

In the furure I might write more about some games I play on the Nintendo Wii. I'm just waiting for the following games to be released in The Netherlands: Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Gallaxy, Big Brain Academy - Wii Degree, Boogie.