Microsoft DevDays 2011 - I’m attending

devdays_loungeYes I’m attending the DevDays this year, but only one day. I will be representing Sixin in the Community Lounge on Thursday April 28th. The last day you can find Antoni Dol representing Sixin at the same place.

If my schedule allows it, I will try to attend a couple of sessions as well. I’m thinking about the following agenda.

9:15 – 10:45 Keynote by Rob Miles, Wade Wegner, Scott Hanselman and Ben Riga.

11:05 – 12:20 Windows Phone 7, title will be announced after Mix11 by Ben Riga.

13:30 – 14:45 Reactive Extensions for .NET for the Rest of Us by Mike Taulty. I’m really doubting how this session could be a level 300 session, I would expect it to be level 400. Rx had been mind blowing for me so far.

15:05 – 16:20 Science of Great UI by Mark Miller. Though I’m still a developer, not great at UI, but I want to improve my skills.

But of course see me at the for some talks around Silverlight, for example Silverlight 5, WP7, or anything else.

Sixin event 9th of November

sixin-logoYesterday evening we’ve had another Sixin event. Thanks for Macaw for being our host of the evening.

We started with a very interesting session about designers and developers working together by Marc Jacobi, Michel Heijman and Antoni Dol. Quite a few interesting details about their architecture revealed.

After the break we’ve had 3 short 20 minute sessions about experiences with Windows Phone 7. First part by Galina Slavova. The second part was presented by me, download the slide-deck here, where I shared my platform experiences in developing the application for Windows Phone 7. The third part was presented by Koen Zwikstra, who showed some parts of the new upcoming version of Silverlight Spy with support for Windows Phone 7.

Launch of the Dutch Silverlight and Expression Insiders User Group

sixin-logo Today is the day the Dutch Silverlight and Expression Insiders User Group is officially launched. How did it start? A few months ago during the Dutch Microsoft DevDays I met Expression MVP Rob Houweling and creator of Silverlight Spy Koen Zwikstra. We’ve had some good talks around Silverlight and the at that time soon to be release version 3. Rob Houweling contacted me some time after the DevDays where he informed me about his idea to start a Silverlight User Group, along with a few others: Koen Zwikstra, Timmy Kokke, Antoni Dol and Eric van den Hoek. We had our first informal meeting on the 7th of July 2009. We’ve formed our motto and divided some roles. The Team sixin-team Our team consists of 6 professionals in designing and/or development, Rob Houweling will be our chairman. Antoni Dol: Blog, Profile Eric van den Hoek (secretary/treasurer) Rob Houweling (chairman): Blog, Profile Timmy Kokke: Blog, Profile Mark Monster (vice chairman): Blog, Profile Koen Zwikstra: Blog, Profile More details (in dutch) can be found on the About Us page. What are we going to do? First of all we want to be a User Group for both Designers and Developers who are enthusiastic about Silverlight and the Expression tools, who want to learn and share knowledge. - We will maintain a website where we host interesting blogs and news related to Silverlight and Expression. - We will organize small events - We will speak on events organized by other User Groups like SDN or dotNed. For now just bookmark the website of the Silverlight and Expression Insiders User Group.