Just got certified: Prince2 Foundation

PRINCE2 This week I finally did the exam of Prince2 Foundation. I wanted to do this certification for more than two years now. But because of all kinds of circumstances I was not able to do it, until now. I took the course from Lagant and used the Prince2 Compact book during this course.

I'm now certified Prince2 Foundation.

Something about Sashimi

No it's not about the  Japanese delicacy that consists of raw seafood. It's about the definition of "Done". A former project-college Michel has written (in Dutch) about estimating in Agile projects. It's an interesting read for everyone because what he writes is what we call in Dutch "de spijker op de kop slaan".

I've had a lot of interesting talks and discussions with Michel on Agility. He recommended the book I am currently reading called Agile Project Management with Scrum, an interesting read for people wanting to learn more about Agile projects and scrum. This book actually picks real world cases and explains the problems they had and what solutions they used to overcome their troubles. One of the things the book talks about is Sashimi.

So what's Sashimi?

It actually has something to do with the Japanese delicacy because Sashimi is more like some kind of art with food. Sashimi are thin slices of raw fish that are all complete in the way they have the same taste. In scrum Sashimi is used to require every 'slice' of functionality is complete in itself. Yes but what is complete? It's about the following things that are all done:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Documentation

So when doing scrum it's important that every member of the scrum team has the same definition of "done". It seams to be logical when reading, but I know a lot of you have experienced the differences in the perception of done during a project.

I've got a whole bookshelf to read on Agile Projects. So probably more on this later.