Elin Theonne Adrianne Monster

We have a girl again! Our second child is born on March 18th at 20:05. We’ve given her the name Elin Theonne Adrianne. She weights 4010 g and is 54 cm long. I, my wife and Maren love her very much and will give her all the love of the world.

just a few minutes old my first laugh to the world Yvonne, Elin and Maren

Isn’t my family a beauty?

Best Christmas Wishes!

A small Christmas greeting from my family.


Certified? Indoor Skydiving

Just a few weeks ago I was on a trip with my department of Rubicon. Besides a good dinner we also went skydiving, indoor skydiving in Roosendaal. If you have a chance to take a sky dive lesson, I think you should take it. Thanks to Robert Krom for taking the picture. Me, skydiving indoorskydive

Maren Anne Hilany Monster

YES! It's a girl and we have given her the name Maren Anne Hilany. She's born on August 11th at 15:06. She weights 3955 g and is 52 cm long. I'm feeling so much love for her no one can possibly understand. Time for some photo's taken from my beautiful daughter Maren.

Mark-Maren-Yvonne Maren  Her weight on 13-08Taking a little bit of bathHands Up

Isn't she beautiful?

It's time for a little bit of prioritizing so I might be blogging a little bit less. But I'm sure everyone understands this.

Chair massage

touchIt's almost three years ago when I got my first experience in getting a chair massage. I really liked it. Specially if you look at a job when you sit most of the time. This in combination with working on a computer can result in RSI. I'm a Software Engineer and am constant aware of the risks of RSI. I always try to make as much movements during the day as possible, getting coffee for everyone for example, to prevent RSI. But this might not be enough.

Since a few months I get a chair massage. I try to get one every month. The man who does my chair massage is Jerry Elkhuizen who has a company in giving massage. I highly recommend him for chair massages. You can contact him through his website: laatjeeensmasseren.nl.