MYdea – Capture your ideas with MYdea

Some time ago I started feeling the need for a tool to quickly capture any ideas. In the past I’ve used pen and paper, but because I’ve always have my phone at my fingertips, why not use a piece of software?

Yes that's about how it started. Just the idea. I started to work on paper to get a slick UI-experience. It should be simple, finger friendly and also it should be easy to share. Share with others, but more important share with yourself.

Let’s start with a few screen shots.

MYdea Home screenMYdea Draw screenMYdea Write screen

MYdea supports capturing of ideas by writing, drawing and photography. As long as your device runs on Windows Mobile 5 or later and has touch input support. It runs very fine on my own HTC Touch Diamond. I’m already using the application for a few months, the first version I used was version 0.1 which I released to myself on June 14th 2009. The first version that made it to the web was version 1.0, I released it on August 16th. Today I released the first bug-fix release which also consumes much less memory and storage, version 1.1.

As explained you can capture an idea by writing, drawing and photography. In the next step you will be asked for a name and then you’re done. And MYdea helps you manage your ideas as well, you can view it, and if you want you can e-mail it through the standard e-mail application that’s available on your Windows Mobile phone.

If you are interested you can try MYdea for free, if you have more than two ideas you want to capture you will have to buy it. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding MYdea. Please let me know what you think about this application.

The commercial version of MYdea is available for $ 14,99 or € 12,99.