Moonlight 2 Preview 4, testing differently

I read we now have a new preview of the Moonlight runtime. It’s already the fourth preview. I’m giving a test run, just like I gave preview 1 and preview 3 a test run. But this time I did it differently. For the release notes see this page.

What size is the Moonlight runtime actually?

Currently it's about 9 MiB, what does this mean? That’s this runtime is small as well. That this size is about 50% higher than the Silverlight 3 beta release which has a size of about 6 MiB.

Hunger for resources?

Something else I wanted to see is the resources it’s using. Let’s see what’s happening to the CPU usage when running the Silverlight Toolkit example page? If it keeps running of course. But as the screenshot shows the CPU usage of Firefox the parent process for Moonlight is consuming about 50% of the CPU. When running for a period it keeps consuming around 50% to 80% of the CPU.

Moonlight running the Silverlight Toolkit example page.

Let’s compare the same page to Silverlight, running in Chrome, you will have to search the correct process, because each Chrome Tab is running in it’s own process. But then again it’s still not consuming as much CPU as Moonlight is. It’s around 2% CPU usage.

Silverlight running the Silverlight Toolkit example page.

I would say, besides a lot of problems, the moonlight team definitely will have to work on the performance, because you can expect a little bit of difference in performance but this isn’t what I would expect.


In the last preview the Silverlight Toolkit wasn’t running the charts. It is running it now, isn’t it? Well, for a small period of time it was running, but while writing some parts of this post it stopped running.


Is it running my own website? Of course for me is this very important because I now have a 3D-TagCloud running in Silverlight.


It’s getting better, but still a lot of work. But I like the approach the Moonlight team has while developing the new Moonlight version. It’s more public, compared to Silverlight 3 which only got one beta, and I don’t expect more to arrive because the RTW of Silverlight 3 is announced to be on July 10th.

Do you have Silverlight sites I need to test drive during the next test drive?

Moonlight Preview 3, a new Test Run.

Moonlight has a new update. Basically I even missed the second preview. But here the test run of preview 3. The release notes are available here.

I just had to search for updates on my add-ons. Just updated it like any other Firefox add on. And a restart of the browser was all that was needed.


Just giving it the same new try as before.

Of course I start with testing the site. Does it still work? Yes it does, it even feels a little better. Faster response. But looks are the same, so no new screenshot.

Next is the Silverlight Toolkit Example page for Silverlight 2. Ah my first surprise. It runs, but let’s look at the charts, the browser stops responding.


What about the Silverlight Toolkit examples for Silverlight 3? Still crashes my dear browser.


What about the performance of the Hard Rock deep-zoom site? Yes it feels like it’s better, but I didn’t measure it. But while clicking around a little bit I got this screen and error.


Hmm something else that is interesting to test is the 3D Tag Cloud by Peter Gerritsen will it run? And yes it runs! Interesting.


Hmm, in the end it still not enough for pre-production. But it performs better, at least it feels like it.

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Silverlight on Linux – Running Moonlight 2.0 Preview 1

Just a few days ago I heard about the Preview 1 version of Moonlight 2.0. Moonlight is the Open Source version of Silverlight that is able to run on Linux. My first reaction was I want to see this, and as soon as possible. So I downloaded the latest Ubuntu CD’s and started installing it on a Virtual PC. An article meant for installing an older version of Ubuntu under Virtual PC helped me.

After that it was very easy just go to the Moonlight 2.0 site and install the Firefox plugin as you would install any other Firefox plugin.

First test: Does it run the menu on Yes it does.'s Silverlight menu is working fine in Moonlight.

Second test: Does it run the Silverlight Toolkit samples for Silverlight 2? No it doesn’t.

Silverlight Toolkit for Silverlight 2 crashes Moonlight.

Third test: Does it run the Hard Rock deep-zoom site? Yes it does.

Hard Rock deep-zoom site half loaded in Moonlight.

Though loading the data is very slow. I’m not sure if that’s because of my network, my vm or Moonlight. After a while this is the new screen.

Hard Rock deep-zoom site fully loaded in Moonlight.

Because the release notes mentions that some features that are part of Silverlight 3 are already supported. Fourth test: Does it run the Silverlight Toolkit samples for Silverlight 3? No it doesn’t. My whole browser crashed. It was just gone…

Silverlight Toolkit for Silverlight 3 crashes Moonlight and Firefox.

Alright what did I expect? ?Not much, but it was an interesting test-drive. And for the future I now have a Linux Virtual PC.

Let’s hope for more stable Previews of Moonlight.

Ps. This article is cross posted on: Mark Monster’s blog and Silverlight Help.