Elin Theonne Adrianne Monster

We have a girl again! Our second child is born on March 18th at 20:05. We’ve given her the name Elin Theonne Adrianne. She weights 4010 g and is 54 cm long. I, my wife and Maren love her very much and will give her all the love of the world.

just a few minutes old my first laugh to the world Yvonne, Elin and Maren

Isn’t my family a beauty?

Get updates on a site that has no RSS-Feed

I just came across a site that looks awful but has a very nice feature. It's just small, just like this article, but I thought this tool is so handy, everybody should know about it. It notifies a user that a specific site has been updated. The basic usage is through e-mail but it's also possible to make use of your personal RSS-Feed. Take a look at it yourself. ChangeDetection.com.

Qash an interesting Banking 2.0 application for the Dutch people

A lot of people in the USA have heard of Mint or Wesabe. Those are so called Banking 2.0 applications that do advanced reporting on your incoming and outgoing money. This is an area where no bank I know of does the right thing. I have used ABN Amro internet banking and Postbank internet banking, and must say it works, but lacks a lot of features, specially reporting. But a dutch Banking 2.0 application is being built right now. It's called Qash. I subscribed for the beta and last week I my request was accepted. I must admit it's still beta but it worked at a glance. Take a watch how you can import your banking data.


I'm not sure how long I will be using Qash, but for now I like it. You can subscribe for the beta on the home page of Qash.

A few small changes to my weblog

It has been more than a year since the relounce of my weblog. Just last week I started adding advertisements from Google Adsense to my blog. I do this because I hope to earn a little bit from the ads to pay the hosting bill.

I now have two small ad-blocks in the side bar, between the tag-cloud and the archives and after the blog roll.

Ad-block in the sidebar

Also the search is now done through Google. This way there are also ads displayed in the search results.

Ad-block in the search

And finally I made ads active in the RSS-feed.

Ad-block in the RSS-feed

Maren Anne Hilany Monster

YES! It's a girl and we have given her the name Maren Anne Hilany. She's born on August 11th at 15:06. She weights 3955 g and is 52 cm long. I'm feeling so much love for her no one can possibly understand. Time for some photo's taken from my beautiful daughter Maren.

Mark-Maren-Yvonne Maren  Her weight on 13-08Taking a little bit of bathHands Up

Isn't she beautiful?

It's time for a little bit of prioritizing so I might be blogging a little bit less. But I'm sure everyone understands this.