Gadget: Sony Reader PRS-505


Just two weeks ago I got my e-book reader. It is the Sony Reader PRS-505. Over the years I've gathered a lot of PDF e-books that had to be read on the computer. But sadly reading on a computer-screen isn't as smoothly as reading of physical book. The introduction of e-ink a few years go promised something new. The trouble was that the devices called e-book readers that were based on e-ink were expensive and still are. Though Sony has brought a device to the market that isn't that expensive. Sadly not for the European market so you will have some connections in the USA to get the Sony Reader to Europe.

The device is very nice it mainly has support for a custom e-book format. But it is possible to convert PDF' files to their own format. The trouble with PDF files is the fixed page size they have. There are some tools on the internet that sort cut and past PDF file contents so that it is readable in landscape mode on the Sony Reader. I used pdf2lrf that can be found on the MobileRead forum.