Getting to know Boo and Domain-Specific Languages

I've read a few things about Boo. About what Boo is and what you can do with it. I understood Boo is a new object oriented statically typed programming language for .NET. It has a Python inspired syntax and has a special focus on language and compiler extensibility. It's actually a language to create your own domain-specific languages (DSL).

I'm trying to understand Boo a little bit better. So I started with the following resources, step by step:

  1. Read: Boo Manifesto
  2. Look at sample: Spector
  3. Read: Boo Primer - Part 1 - Starting out
  4. Look at sample: Better Syntax for Mocking
  5. Read: Boo Primer - Part 2 - Variables
  6. Read: Boo Primer - Part 3 - Flow Control - Conditionals
  7. Read: Boo Primer - Part 4 - Flow Control - Loops
  8. Read: Boo Primer - Part 5 - Containers and Casting
  9. Read: Boo Primer - Part 6 - Operators
  10. Read: Boo Primer - Part 7 - Functions

So far, the most interesting part I read about is the Statement with Modifier. This is a more human-readable part of code. It consists of: do something if somethingelse is true. Also the ability to select the last item in a list by using -1 as selector is interesting just like: list[-1].

I've got a lot of things to read in the near future:

  1. Read: The rest of the Boo Primer start from 8.
  2. Read: The Book of Boo

Do you've got some interesting resources to read about Boo? Please let me know.