The year 2009 in stats

A lot of people have a year’s end blog post. This post is similar. Google Analytics is my friend for the stats.

The General Stats.

Everything stated as ‘previous’ are the stats for 2008. I really like the Visits and Pageviews stats, almost 4 times more Visits and Pageviews than last year. Also the average time people stay on my site is 40% higher.


About the content.

I wrote 33 articles in the year 2009, not that many compared to the year 2008 in which I wrote 50 articles. I hope this is not a trend for the year 2010. I hope to write more articles in 2010. But more important, what was the top-content in 2009?

1. Silverlight using WCF with Windows Authentication

2. Silverlight 3 and RIA Services – The basics

3. Silverlight 3 and RIA Services – The advanced things

4. Creating a Silverlight TagCloud UserControl

5. Silverlight 3 – WebClient, WebRequest and WCF calls using Credentials?

I think it’s interesting to see that the number 4 is an article from 2008. What will happen 2010, will we have this article about creating a Tag Cloud still in the top 10? Also in the top 5 we see an two-part series on RIA Services. RIA Services seems to be a popular topic.

Stats on users having support for Silverlight.

Sadly I changed the way I’m tracking the Silverlight support during the year, but I can give the stats for the last two months of visitors on my site.

November 2009:


December 2009:


Yes, these stats are nice, aren’t they? They show us on my site more than 80% of the visitors have support for Silverlight 3 or higher. But then again, this is for my site, which is heavily focused on Silverlight.

Alright the year 2010 has already started. I have a very interesting idea for a series on Silverlight, please wait for it.

Time for a new design? I think so!

Probably some people already saw my new blog design go live yesterday.

Less than a year ago I upgraded from Wordpress 2.2.1 to 2.6. Now I just wanted a new design. And for the sake of doing some HTML and CSS I made my own design. I must say I really like it myself.

The Past – Dreamplace by Sabiostar


The Present – Blue Mozaik by Mark Monster


What are the most awesome features?

image Yes most of the things are just visible, that’s why it’s called a design. But I must say I really like the 3D-Tag cloud, originally made by Peter Gerritsen. But a few enhancements. Like getting the tags as an initParam and limiting the amount of tags shown. Besides that I also track the clicks in the tag cloud inside Google Analytics as events.

Further on I made use of jquery to add some nice small features where I need to manipulate the HTML-Dom. For example the comment-form shows your Gravatar while you’re just typing your response. The Gravatar API is very easy, just make sure you MD5-Hash the e-mail address and and add this to a specific url for basic support of Gravatar. For full API please visit their site.





If you find some things that can be done better, please let me know. I already fixed a small bug in the comment form this morning. And of course please let me know all the positive things you have to say about my blog.

I made it very clear that I’m blogging about .NET and Silverlight most of the time. This even though my blog is still kept alive by Wordpress, built in php.

My focus on Silverlight

I think most of my readers noticed a while ago. My focus is almost completely on Silverlight. This is because I think Silverlight is a very interesting piece of technology. Besides that I think there are lots of blogs about general .NET. Specialization is my power I think. I’m not able to write a lot of in depth articles about general .NET that aren’t about a topic that’s covered on another blog as well. So that’s my focus on Silverlight.

I think some of my articles are ranked good in the Silverlight community. A few minutes ago I had a look at the Skim page of SilverlightCream. My article about caching in Silverlight made it to this weeks top 5.


This encourages me to continue my work on Silverlight. I know there’s even a lot to learn on the Silverlight area, specially after Silverlight 3 Beta came out. But when a few weeks ago Ken Tucker asked me to contribute to Silverlight-Help, I just couldn’t say no. That’s why you can now read my Silverlight articles on both Silverlight-Help and this blog. Please let me know if you have questions or if you want to help on Silverlight-Help as well.

A few small changes to my weblog

It has been more than a year since the relounce of my weblog. Just last week I started adding advertisements from Google Adsense to my blog. I do this because I hope to earn a little bit from the ads to pay the hosting bill.

I now have two small ad-blocks in the side bar, between the tag-cloud and the archives and after the blog roll.

Ad-block in the sidebar

Also the search is now done through Google. This way there are also ads displayed in the search results.

Ad-block in the search

And finally I made ads active in the RSS-feed.

Ad-block in the RSS-feed

The TagCloud in practice

Yes it took me some time to get the TagCloud I created in Silverlight to work with WordPress. It's very easy It isn't that it's difficult to set up the tagcloud but the documentation of WordPress isn't very clear in my opinion. I found out I needed the functions get_terms and get_tag_link and the properties of a term. I used a small section of php code to assemble xml that I needed for the TagCloud.

<?php $posttags = get_terms('post_tag', $args); $outputTags = "<tags>"; if ($posttags) { foreach($posttags as $tag) { $outputTags .= "<tag count='"; $outputTags .= $tag->count; $outputTags .= "' tag='"; $outputTags .= $tag->name; $outputTags .= "' link='"; $outputTags .= get_tag_link($tag->term_id); $outputTags .= "' />"; } } $outputTags .="</tags>"; ?>

This would essential output xml like:

<tags> <tag count='46' tag='.NET' link='' /> <tag count='3' tag='Astoria' link='' /> <tag count='8' tag='Blogging' link='' /> </tags>

This resulted in the Cloud page, click on a tag to see all posts belonging to the tag. I probably move along with this and write a Wordpress Widget to also replace the TagCloud in the sidebar with a Silverlight one.