∞ Chain now available for Windows Phone


To really get good at something you need to do it every day. Chain helps you form these habit in order to achieve your goals. Define the daily actions for the goals you want to achieve. For each day you do that action check it off in the app. After a few days you’ll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer very day. Don’t break the chain!

Don’t break the chain is a productivity method by Jerry Seinfeld which is loosely implemented in Chain.


* Multiple chains tracked individually

* Configurable reminder per chain

* Chains can be pinned as Live Tile to the home screen

* Configurable color per chain

* Forgot to track yesterday? You can track for past days


* Drink more water

* Eat breakfast

* Sleep at least 8 hours

* Listen more than talk

* Have an inbox zero

The app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.