Multiple URI schemes in one app, is it possible?

This week Robert Irving, maker of Car Starter wrote a very interesting article about Community Uri Schemes. He specifically proposes a generic URI Scheme for Podcast apps. Interestingly I added a similar but app-specific URI scheme to P | Cast in the most recent release.

There are currently two apps that actually make use of the custom URI scheme I created, so I can’t really replace it with a generic URI scheme. So I was wondering if it was possible to add multiple URI schemes to one app. I googled around, but couldn’t really find anything. So there wasn’t much left, just try, and see what happens.

So I opened the WMAppManifest.xml and changed the Extensions element to read like this:

  <Protocol Name="pcast" NavUriFragment="encodedLaunchUri=%s" TaskID="_default" />
  <Protocol Name="wp-podcast-play" NavUriFragment="encodedLaunchUri=%s" TaskID="_default" />


Then I tested if I could launch the app via both URIs. Don’t forget to modify the UriMapper class you created to also support the additional URI scheme, otherwise the app will hang.

So you can actually add multiple URI schemes to one app. That’s interesting, so I could add the community URI scheme without removing the propriety URI scheme. Now it’s time to think about Robert Irving suggestion, and maybe propose some changes, but that’s for another post.


According to Scott Lovegrove it’s possible to have up to ten URI schemes for your app. That should be enough I would say.