Yeah Windows Phone supports Isolated Storage access through an uri-scheme! Does it?

Already some time ago, it was 2011, a new uri scheme was introduced. The isostore uri-scheme was introduced to support access to the IsolatedStorage. I’m now working on a new Windows Phone project where I have several places where I could take use of the new uri scheme.

Binding an Image Source

When you want to bind the Image Source to a remote image it can be as simple as.

<Image Source="" />


Okay, but then we have something in the Isolated Storage.

<Image Source="isostore:/Shared/ShellContent/1.jpg" />


Nice, but it doesn’t work.

Creating a new BackgroundTransferRequest

The BackgroundTransferRequest has two supported constructors, one of them also allows to set the target where the downloaded file should be placed. It needs to have a Uri for the downloadLocation, so I tried a Uri containing the isostore scheme.

var request = new BackgroundTransferRequest(
    new Uri("isostore:/Shared/Transfers/1.mp3", UriKind.Absolute));


End result? Doesn’t work, sadly. I’m getting a NotSupportedException.

Alright, there are probably also a lot of places where the isostore uri-scheme is supported, the above situations at least don’t support it. Let’s see what the next update of Windows Phone will provide us.