State of Silverlight on my Blog - Edition 2013

Alright, I’ve been blogging about this before, but Silverlight support is no longer increasing. At least when I’m looking at the stats of my blog. The last couple of years the amount of users on my blog that had support for Silverlight was increasing. Though it isn’t anymore it seems.

Important: I’m comparing the stats I have on my blog, this is of course not comparable with the web, nor a statement on Silverlight in general!



I’ve been comparing the visitors who have support for any version of Silverlight, this percentage is lower in 2012 than it was in 2011. I think that this is something we could have been expecting, because there are no mobile devices, phone and tablet, that support Silverlight in their browser. Tablets are becoming more and more common these days, so more of the visitors will use tablets to visit my blog.

For me, my conclusion is to get rid of the Silverlight Tag Rotator on my page, never saw it? You’re probably running without Silverlight.