Searching a database solution for Windows Phone 7-8 and for Windows 8

I’m preparing for one of my new app-ideas. This app-idea requires a local storage of data, initially I want to create this app for Windows Phone, but I would like to have as much code-reuse as possible. So it would be very nice to have the same database solution for all platforms.

I’ve been using Sterling in the past for Windows Phone. This was before SQL CE was available for Windows Phone. Looking at releases, the last release of Sterling is from June 2011, more than a year and half ago. When I’m looking at the Source Code I’m seeing an resume in commits in last December. So the project is not dead, at least it doesn’t look dead to me. There’s also a discussion on the Future of Sterling which might interest you. There seems to be an issue with Windows Phone 8 which you can easily patch yourself. Okay, interesting, but there is no solution for Windows 8 apps yet.

Let’s explore the other options. SQL CE was added to Windows Phone 7 during one of the updates. However it’s not added to Windows 8 and will probably not be added to Windows 8 because there has been a lot of talking about SQLite in the area of Windows 8. But for Windows Phone 8 SQL CE seems to be lacking and there’s an option to use SQLite for Windows Phone 8 as well. So definitely no SQL CE for me, I want to have a solution that works at least for the whole Phone platform and not just the Windows Phone 7 platform.

So there’s a lot of talking about SQLite? It does support Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps. After some searching there isn’t any official support for Windows Phone 7. I found an article written in 2011 that might help get SQLite on Windows Phone 7. This is an almost solution, maybe I just need to give SQLite a try.

While browsing the Sterling discussions I came around a comment about Lex.DB. This might be an interesting alternative, but it doesn’t support Windows Phone 7 yet. I’ll keep an eye on this project, but it’s very new in this space.

Update 26-01-2013:

In the comments Marcio already says that SQL CE works fine on Windows Phone 8. So even while there isn’t much to be found on that subject it should work. I had to try this myself, so I did. And the end-result? Windows Phone 8 supports SQL CE very well, nothing special that I’ve found in there so far.