Google Analytics Real Time tracking for Windows Phone, who’s using my app right now?

Interested to see what happens right after you send everyone a push notification? I am!

At first I thought it wasn’t possible to do Page tracking from within the MSAF + Google Analytics. But after a little bit of investigation I saw that it was always overwritten by MSAF, a small modification made it possible.

The NuGet Package I created (now updated) has new methods to track the page on the AnalyticsTracker helper-class.

public interface IAnalyticsTracker
    void Track(string category, string name);
    void Track(string category, string name, string label);
    void TrackPage(Uri pageUri);
    void TrackPage(string page);

I now have a simple extra call inside the OnNavigatedTo methods on the Page.

protected override void OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs e)
    var analyticsTracker = new AnalyticsTracker();

And the result with testing both my emulator and on the phone itself was this image.


Try it out yourself.