Reset the back of your Tile through push

Have you ever created the back of your tile with a Push notification? You just add some xml in the Notification Message that you send to the Notification Channel.


Yeah that’s easy. Ever tried to get rid of it using a Push notification? Yeah, trying to push without content. Thought that should work as well, didn’t. Leaving the full Xml elements from the Push Notification? Didn’t work either. You explicitly have to add an attribute Action and give it the value Clear, like this:

<wp:BackBackgroundImage Action="Clear"></wp:BackBackgroundImage>
<wp:BackTitle Action="Clear"></wp:BackTitle>
<wp:BackContent Action="Clear"></wp:BackContent>

This works for the Title and Count properties for the front of your tile as well. This can all be found in the documentation for Push Notifications as well, but today it took me some time to figure this out.