How to cancel (overwrite) a successful Marketplace update submission?

It was a day after I submitted an update to one of my apps to the marketplace where I found out about a bug. This was a functional bug which didn’t affect Marketplace testing. I already knew that I couldn’t cancel a running submission, so I already learned the Hard Way to never Auto Publish, but do a Manual Publish after successful testing.

Tip: Do a Manual Publish after successful testing. This makes sure you are in control!

Alright, what happened to me recently is that I made a small code change that causes problems a Background Task for about 50% of the time. I didn’t find this during initial testing. A small case of using the less than sign instead of the greater than sign. I found out about this bug after I submitted the app to the marketplace. So I waited until the submission was successful (or failed).

The Marketplace team successfully tested my application and I was in control (see tip). What can I do?

  • Publish the application:  I obviously don’t want this, there’s a bug in the app.
  • Edit catalog details: Doesn’t help me either.
  • Edit product details: That should help…

So I went for “Edit product details”, but sadly that didn’t work, because it helped me to Step 2 and not Step 1 where I could upload a new Application Package.

Alright, time for some hacking I would say. It might be risky, so use it at your own risk.

1. Start with the Edit catalog details url, copy the applicationId and the parentApplicationInstanceId.

2. Replace the applicationId and the parentApplicationInstanceId in the following url.

3. Then follow that link. But do nothing else.

4. Go back to the original page where the “Edit product details” didn’t go to step 1, but to step 2. In my situation it did suddenly go to step 1 and I was able to upload a new Application Package.

I’m now waiting again for the Marketplace testing. I hope this will help some people who have a similar problem.