What does featuring in the Marketplace do with your app?

A lot of Windows Phone developers probably already know, but some might not. There is a very interesting tool in the market to monitor your application for Downloads, Ranking and Reviews: Distimo Monitor. You can for example compare your application with your competition and conquer the world. Besides that Distimo also shows you when your application was featured in the Marketplace. A couple of the apps I created have been featured so far, but let’s look at Fokke & Sukke app and the target market (The Netherlands).

Is my app featured?

You can watch closely how the marketplace looks either on the Phone or in Zune to see if your app is featured.


But in the end, this is not very doable. Don’t forget that your app can be featured in every market separately. So what else? We have the distimo monitor which shows events for your application. You can see when a new version was released and when your app was featured.


The featured periods are:

  • 12/10 – 18/10
  • 02/11 – 08/11
  • 30/11 – 06/12

My app is featured, now what?

It’s cool to see that this app has been featured that often, but what does it mean? Let’s take a look at the Ranking in those periods.


You can easily see the areas when the app was featured by the green regions. But more important, you can see that in the first and third period being featured meant that the ranking went up immediately.