Shake that Windows Phone 7 and detect it

Alright, when you look at what apps are popular, you’ll see a lot of apps that interact with the accelerometer in a way like: Shake your phone baby!

Yes we have the accelerometer on the Windows Phone 7 as well, how to use it? That’s simple.

1: Reference the Microsoft.Devices.Sensors assembly.

Add a Add a reference to the Microsoft.Devices.Sensors assembly

2: Create an instance of the Accelerometer.

private readonly Accelerometer _sensor = new Accelerometer();

3: Start listening to the ReadingChanged

_sensor.ReadingChanged += ReadingChanged;

private void ReadingChanged(object sender, AccelerometerReadingEventArgs e)

The structure of the AccelerometerReadingEventArgs looks like this.

public class AccelerometerReadingEventArgs : EventArgs
    public double X { get; }
    public double Y { get; }
    public double Z { get; }
    public DateTimeOffset Timestamp { get; }

Pretty simple, X, Y and Z coordinates, how to read them?



Shake it

That’s about it for the basics. You can do a lot of things with the accelerometer. I want to know when the device is shaken. I started with a bit of google, and found: Shake Detection by Mark Arteaga. Nice article with a good explanation of the code. Though, he didn’t have a chance to test the code, and it was also based on a pre-release version of the Developer Tools. So after some adjustments I came with the following code that both compiles in the final Windows Phone 7 Developers Tools and also runs on the LG Prototype.

public class AccelerometerSensorWithShakeDetection : IDisposable
    private const double ShakeThreshold = 0.7;
    private readonly Accelerometer _sensor = new Accelerometer();
    private AccelerometerReadingEventArgs _lastReading;
    private int _shakeCount;
    private bool _shaking;

    public AccelerometerSensorWithShakeDetection()
        var sensor = new Accelerometer();
        if (sensor.State == SensorState.NotSupported)
            throw new NotSupportedException("Accelerometer not supported on this device");
        _sensor = sensor;

    public SensorState State
        get { return _sensor.State; }

    #region IDisposable Members

    public void Dispose()
        if (_sensor != null)


    private event EventHandler ShakeDetectedHandler;

    public event EventHandler ShakeDetected
            ShakeDetectedHandler += value;
            ShakeDetectedHandler -= value;
            _sensor.ReadingChanged -= ReadingChanged;

    public void Start()
        if (_sensor != null)

    public void Stop()
        if (_sensor != null)

    private void ReadingChanged(object sender, AccelerometerReadingEventArgs e)
        //Code for checking shake detection
        if (_sensor.State == SensorState.Ready)
            AccelerometerReadingEventArgs reading = e;
                if (_lastReading != null)
                    if (!_shaking && CheckForShake(_lastReading, reading, ShakeThreshold) && _shakeCount >= 1)
                        //We are shaking
                        _shaking = true;
                        _shakeCount = 0;
                    else if (CheckForShake(_lastReading, reading, ShakeThreshold))
                    else if (!CheckForShake(_lastReading, reading, 0.2))
                        _shakeCount = 0;
                        _shaking = false;
                _lastReading = reading;
                /* ignore errors */

    private void OnShakeDetected()
        if (ShakeDetectedHandler != null)
            ShakeDetectedHandler(this, EventArgs.Empty);

    private static bool CheckForShake(AccelerometerReadingEventArgs last, AccelerometerReadingEventArgs current,
                                        double threshold)
        double deltaX = Math.Abs((last.X - current.X));
        double deltaY = Math.Abs((last.Y - current.Y));
        double deltaZ = Math.Abs((last.Z - current.Z));

        return (deltaX > threshold && deltaY > threshold) ||
                (deltaX > threshold && deltaZ > threshold) ||
                (deltaY > threshold && deltaZ > threshold);

And of course you want to use it in your app, which can be done like this.

_shakeSensor = new AccelerometerSensorWithShakeDetection();
Loaded += (sender, args) =>
                    _shakeSensor.ShakeDetected += ShakeDetected;
Unloaded += (sender, args) =>
                    _shakeSensor.ShakeDetected -= ShakeDetected;
Be aware that the event is fired on a different thread, so if you want to use this in the UI thread you might want to read an old article on UI threads from my hand.
  • Gravatar AlexH November 3rd, 2010 at 22:07
    Hi Mark,
    I'm seeking your permission to reuse this code in some examples for WP7 Hands-On-Labs. Can you contact me please?
    Thank you.
  • Gravatar Chris Rae November 11th, 2010 at 06:52
    This is a great article - you have a couple of tiny omissions. Firstly you somehow don't actually assign the sensor ReadingChanged event handler, so your code:

    ShakeDetectedHandler += value;

    Should actually read:

    ShakeDetectedHandler += value;
    _sensor.ReadingChanged += ReadingChanged;

    And secondly you don't mention that in your code you need a ShakeDetected handler, i.e.:

    private void ShakeDetected(object sender, EventArgs e)

    Great article, though - saved me a ton of work!
  • Gravatar Luke Lowrey November 29th, 2010 at 08:47
    Awesome code. Might implement me some shake to refresh.
  • Gravatar Edwin Evans December 14th, 2010 at 02:21
    Thanks! I used this in my Bubbles Magic app ( ) to pop all the bubbles :)
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    link. That is if at all possible designed for online video media above IP so VSAT often offer some importance towards the manufacturer planning to promise good value here
    we are at their play-out or even submitting circle.

    Nevertheless with all the upside associated with
    support level which comes from the satellite tv on pc link furthermore arrives the somewhat complex
    create with the link—certainly when compared to "turning on a CellMux. inches A new VSAT plate is incredibly vulnerable to almost any movements, so it’s the non-starter pertaining to (most) shifting purposes. In addition they require apparent distinctive line of site to the satellite tv, which could have got substantial displaying around the online connectivity along with cables between your VSAT antenna in addition to each of the "indoor" package for instance encoders and also camcorders.

    The key has become for you to bracket the VSAT over a "self-aligning
    mount" the place that the VSAT recipe is robotically revolving and also swivelled by way of a laptop or computer making use of a combination of GPS DEVICE, r / c indicate procedures, and comments methods in order to lock the particular antenna about the needed satellite television and also indicate.

    On the end regarding 2008 My spouse and i available my cell VSAT-based webcast manufacturing small business, which utilised self-aligning satellite television VSAT meal structured solutions. Then an inexpensive self-aligning plate price tag on the same being a modern day Live-U/Mobile Perspective backpack—somewhere via £15k-£25k. Then there was clearly standing services costs credited regular monthly, as well as durations of certain bandwidth i'd need to acquire while on an ad-hoc foundation as we do every single function. These types of helps ensure could commonly charge a number of $ 100 or so lbs by the hour as well as vary using the bandwidth assure needed.

    Any convenient fly-away self-aligning system would likely expense approximately £60k in order to £100k or maybe more.

    While the self-aligner will certainly line-up any dish with 5 for you to 10 units, with no self-aligning system the most beneficial industrial engineer, provided having a meter GPS DEVICE in addition to compasss, might expect you'll personally place a meal within possibly 30 minutes. Buying enough manual dinners plus a meter tend to be more easily transportable as compared to self-aligners, this particular time-to-live just isn't best for anyone who is seeking to build temporarly crucial disaster news bulletins.

    So when I noticed cellmux engineering taking off I was pleased. A standard cellmux today costs the same as an affordable self-aligner. This spins upon in addition to is just about to be put into a short time. The item works inside, about crevices, along with using some form variables can fit in a new bank account.

    And they also add the coding and infrequently the particular studio room talkback hyperlink many in a very hand-portable offer.

    What’s to not just like!? And indeed the particular roaring takeoff in this specific niche market industry will be testament towards the worth the product improve the eco-system.

    Even so, whilst cellmux possesses massive freedom, it is very important to comprehend that the "best effort" SLA them to present (which is usually an influence on the agreements using the cell systems which they utilise) surpasses nothing for an urgent situation bulletin, or maybe a cell opportunity that is certainly otherwise unobtainable. However it is not ideal for key live bottles pertaining to quality content material order, where SLA exists to consumers for who this manufacturing will be built. The end result is which VSAT nevertheless comes with an significant idea to companies requesting SLA helps ensure, which is an issue that cellmux cannot offer you.

    Cost-effective IP Satellite tv together with Ka-Sat
    While Cristiano Benzi, overseer regarding pre-sales in addition to customer care, commercial department from Eutelsat, invited me to come and comprehend the newest task the actual VSAT space in European union as well as his / her business's existing proposal, When i has been wondering as well as made this specific a core achieving during my IBC visit last Sept.

    To start with I need to include looked a bit disinterested when i came with Eutelsat's stay, since i get placed pertaining to recent years decades which cellmux will be disrupting the particular satellite tv news get together (SNG) market place and can, soon enough, carry this predominant current market share of electronic digital announcement gathering—particularly within the VSAT announcement online video media in excess of IP factor place. Regular satellite transmitted will certainly keep on pertaining to premium functions which can be well-planned with regard to, although my personal impact has been that for useful good reasons because outlined earlier mentioned (speed to begin, portability and the fact that "best hard work
    will be very good enough") cellmux has demonstrated it offers an advantage, In addition, while using the productive using cellmux at the London Olympics, currently tv producers usually are accepting that "good enough" technological innovation into their workflows around the theory the possibility your chance is actually pixelated to a diploma can be a thing that this crowd increasingly doesn’t brain, furnished having less high quality is outweighed by the "drama" on the photo that would usually not have been offered.

    But also for those people tv producers who desire SLA, and yet strive for portability and also simplicity of use, brand new services coming from satellite tv for pc agent Eutelsat's new Ka-Sat is usually dealing with back challenging regarding VSAT-based models.

    Previously decades the costs regarding equipment and bandwidth are already powered down—my impression will be in which that is the mix off the issue associated with wide-spread H. 264 usage, that has liberated up considerable amounts on the bandwidth as used by companies including MPEG-2-based DVB tranny and stuff like that, plus escalating competitors by low priced IP along with mobile IP services.

    Websites consequence is actually that will self-aligning devices can be located for the cash spend within $10k, and will provide 10 to help 20Mbps hyperlinks with rates as little as $40/hour.

    Therefore just to help remind a person: in comparison within 2008/09 I'd personally get paid for more than £50k for any briefcase-portable flyaway technique, and bandwidth with 1. 4Mbps would've set myself rear around $400/hour.

    In essence which means while cellmux showed up quite a while ago, in addition to located themselves in all around fifty percent this CAPEX dependence on VSAT, now a couple of years additionally with, VSAT possesses fallen the rates simply by all-around a good order of magnitude.

    Honestly When i sitting within the Eutelsat remain a smaller amount counting this techie "how" and also amazed by means of just how much the prices possesses dropped.

    Ka-Sat is an exciting proposition in its very own suitable. This satellite tv provides 82 475Mbps location cross-bow supports, every single all around 300km dimension and fixed as welcomed in the actual photograph.

    Ka-Sat continues to be largely formulated to spotlight outlying IP solutions for customers. It can be vying in order to open access to high-bitrate, broadband capability within a asserted way which resembles DSL, achieving nearly all position in European countries.

    Employees such as TwoWay are acquiring this Ka-Sat service to be able to these kinds of customers with inexpensive, completely fitted VSAT pots and pans. This specific high ability spot order design is also in conjunction with a complicated terrestrial setup to be sure throughput for that meant millions of people of these DSL providers, and this terrestrial startup is usually associated with direct gain in order to outside the house sent out or webcast generation deckie's.

    In the grass, 15 earth gas stops represent gateways for that vertical signs and these globe gas stops are generally interlinked which has a different as well as a tautology interconnection across The european union. Which means the common streaming build may "hop" the moment in the satellite tv for pc url, and the url from your planet section for the MCR (master manage bedroom with the creation company) is going to be strong by means of food fibre, or from most severe scenario directly to some sort of peering position with the MCR’s ISP. This particular really provides the particular SLA to the fore.

    Therefore even though my business is still really ecstatic by cellmuxes and exactly how speedily these are innovating brand-new marketplaces regarding ENG in addition to external sent out, it can be apparent which where by quality, witout a doubt advanced market segments really exist that want excessive services levels contracts, there's now a possibility to deal between the assured SLA regarding EutelSat's NewsSpotter VSAT, along with the "good enough" SLA using the ability to move and also time and energy to atmosphere which the range of cellmux options in existence typically offer.

    Severely there is certainly little to settle on between a couple with regards to investment capital costs and functioning expenses. When anything this NewsSpotter program will be, in writing at least, more affordable versus leading rate cellmuxes, and is also concerning on par that has a Teradek /Livestream matched having a Teradek Connect.

    That is a leap-frog which will once more disrupt a in a very constructive way for the tip people.
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