What did I do last 115 days?

Yes it’s already 115 days ago since my last blog post. So time for some explanation.

Windows Phone 7

First of all I’ve been involved in a Windows Phone 7 project, actually two projects. I’ve been asked by buienradar.nl to create a Windows Phone 7 companion app for their website, that means a rainfall radar application for Belgium and The Netherlands and another rainfall radar application for Germany niederschlagsradar.de.

The WP7 buienradar.nl application
The WP7 nierderschlagsradar.de application

Both applications had to be ready before the launch, so we did our best to get the apps ready end of September. But after that, we had to wait before we were able to submit the apps to the marketplace, which we weren’t able to until last week. The first application is now accepted and can be downloaded through the marketplace. For the nierderschlagsradar.de application we’re still waiting for the completion of testing.

Sixin – Silverlight and Expression Insiders User Group

Also as a member of the Sixin user group I organized an event on the 14th of September. Although a bad weather caused for a lot of long Traffic Jams we’ve had quite a successful meeting. Gill Cleeren, well known in the community presented on MEF and Databinding in Silverlight.

So end all, I was not gone, but a little bit busy.