Elin Theonne Adrianne Monster

We have a girl again! Our second child is born on March 18th at 20:05. We’ve given her the name Elin Theonne Adrianne. She weights 4010 g and is 54 cm long. I, my wife and Maren love her very much and will give her all the love of the world.

just a few minutes old my first laugh to the world Yvonne, Elin and Maren

Isn’t my family a beauty?

Trying to sketch a Windows Phone 7 application

imageYesterday Microsoft made all the development tools for Windows Phone 7 available. The development tools are a combination of Visual Studio and Blend. Since the introduction of Blend 3 and it’s extra tool Sketchflow, I’m really fond of making prototypes. So the first thing I did when I installed all the Windows Phone 7 tools, is look for a Windows Phone Sketchflow project. There are only two types of projects: Windows Phone Application and Windows Phone Data-drive Application (MVVM). Sadly no Sketchflow project. So let’s look at how we could hack, to get our a Sketchflow Windows Phone project. A Windows Phone Application with a Sketchy style I first created a Windows Phone Application and wanted to see if it is possible to include the Silverlight Sketch styles. The Silverlight Sketch styles are included in the Microsoft.Expression.Prototyping.SketchControls.dll which can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Expression\Blend\Silverlight\v4.0\Libraries. Also from another SketchFlow project I copied SketchStyles.xaml, where I had to remove all the TabPanel, TabItem related styles, because they aren’t support by Windows Phone. Similar for the ScrollViewer control, where the compiler was complaining as well. Next step was to make use of one of the styles, to see if it was working. So I amended one of the controls to TitleCenter-Sketch as the style instead of PhoneTextPageTitle2Style. So this text block looks like this afterwards.
<TextBlock Text="page title" x:Name="textBlockListTitle" Style="{StaticResource TitleCenter-Sketch}"/>
imageSo let’s run it, to see how it looks in the emulator. Would be nice if it shows the Sketch-font. But it didn’t. If you have other ideas to get this working please let me know, because it’s interesting to be able to sketch Windows Phone 7 applications as well.