MeXperience – Step 1 – Idea + Prototype

Every now and then I have some ideas. That’s also the main reason why I created a Windows Mobile application to support at least the storage of my ideas to be sure that those ideas don’t get lost. Some ideas will never be more than just an idea. One of my latest ideas was the below idea. I want to implement this idea, in the time I have (very little). MYdea: MeXperience I want application that can show my work experience in an interactive way. I was thinking tag-cloud, tiles, details, photo. Yes a tag-cloud with the different technologies and roles that have been covered in the experience. If you would click on any item in the tag-cloud, it would be part of the filter. The filter would be applied to the experience. I wanted to show blocks of experience, to offer a different experience than what people are used to in common curricula vitae. And when you click on a block, the details of the block would be shown. Maybe more features would be appear in the future, but this is it for now. Prototype So what I did was, start with Sketch Flow. Sketch Flow is my favorite tool for prototyping and specially is very easy to use. Please look at below screens for the result. MeXperience Basic View MeXperience Detailed View What do you think about this prototype? Do you have ideas for features that should be included? Alright, lets hope to find some time for discussing architecture and the basic setup, and probably even more to follow.