The year 2009 in stats

A lot of people have a year’s end blog post. This post is similar. Google Analytics is my friend for the stats.

The General Stats.

Everything stated as ‘previous’ are the stats for 2008. I really like the Visits and Pageviews stats, almost 4 times more Visits and Pageviews than last year. Also the average time people stay on my site is 40% higher.


About the content.

I wrote 33 articles in the year 2009, not that many compared to the year 2008 in which I wrote 50 articles. I hope this is not a trend for the year 2010. I hope to write more articles in 2010. But more important, what was the top-content in 2009?

1. Silverlight using WCF with Windows Authentication

2. Silverlight 3 and RIA Services – The basics

3. Silverlight 3 and RIA Services – The advanced things

4. Creating a Silverlight TagCloud UserControl

5. Silverlight 3 – WebClient, WebRequest and WCF calls using Credentials?

I think it’s interesting to see that the number 4 is an article from 2008. What will happen 2010, will we have this article about creating a Tag Cloud still in the top 10? Also in the top 5 we see an two-part series on RIA Services. RIA Services seems to be a popular topic.

Stats on users having support for Silverlight.

Sadly I changed the way I’m tracking the Silverlight support during the year, but I can give the stats for the last two months of visitors on my site.

November 2009:


December 2009:


Yes, these stats are nice, aren’t they? They show us on my site more than 80% of the visitors have support for Silverlight 3 or higher. But then again, this is for my site, which is heavily focused on Silverlight.

Alright the year 2010 has already started. I have a very interesting idea for a series on Silverlight, please wait for it.