Microsoft DevDays 2009 – I’m attending!

DevDays 2009 This year will be another year I’m attending the Microsoft DevDays. DevDays 2009 will be held in The Hague, The Netherlands. This year my focus will be largely to attend Silverlight sessions, but also Windows Azure and ASP.NET MVC are part of the sessions I’m interested in.

Sessions I’m attending on day 1 – Thursday 28th of May:

My Sessions for DevDays 2009 Day 1

Sessions I’m attending on day 2 – Friday 29th of May:

My Sessions for DevDays 2009 Day 2

Are you also attending the Microsoft DevDays? And what sessions are you going to attend?

Silverlight on Linux – Running Moonlight 2.0 Preview 1

Just a few days ago I heard about the Preview 1 version of Moonlight 2.0. Moonlight is the Open Source version of Silverlight that is able to run on Linux. My first reaction was I want to see this, and as soon as possible. So I downloaded the latest Ubuntu CD’s and started installing it on a Virtual PC. An article meant for installing an older version of Ubuntu under Virtual PC helped me.

After that it was very easy just go to the Moonlight 2.0 site and install the Firefox plugin as you would install any other Firefox plugin.

First test: Does it run the menu on Yes it does.'s Silverlight menu is working fine in Moonlight.

Second test: Does it run the Silverlight Toolkit samples for Silverlight 2? No it doesn’t.

Silverlight Toolkit for Silverlight 2 crashes Moonlight.

Third test: Does it run the Hard Rock deep-zoom site? Yes it does.

Hard Rock deep-zoom site half loaded in Moonlight.

Though loading the data is very slow. I’m not sure if that’s because of my network, my vm or Moonlight. After a while this is the new screen.

Hard Rock deep-zoom site fully loaded in Moonlight.

Because the release notes mentions that some features that are part of Silverlight 3 are already supported. Fourth test: Does it run the Silverlight Toolkit samples for Silverlight 3? No it doesn’t. My whole browser crashed. It was just gone…

Silverlight Toolkit for Silverlight 3 crashes Moonlight and Firefox.

Alright what did I expect? ?Not much, but it was an interesting test-drive. And for the future I now have a Linux Virtual PC.

Let’s hope for more stable Previews of Moonlight.

Ps. This article is cross posted on: Mark Monster’s blog and Silverlight Help.