Time for a new design? I think so!

Probably some people already saw my new blog design go live yesterday.

Less than a year ago I upgraded from Wordpress 2.2.1 to 2.6. Now I just wanted a new design. And for the sake of doing some HTML and CSS I made my own design. I must say I really like it myself.

The Past – Dreamplace by Sabiostar


The Present – Blue Mozaik by Mark Monster


What are the most awesome features?

image Yes most of the things are just visible, that’s why it’s called a design. But I must say I really like the 3D-Tag cloud, originally made by Peter Gerritsen. But a few enhancements. Like getting the tags as an initParam and limiting the amount of tags shown. Besides that I also track the clicks in the tag cloud inside Google Analytics as events.

Further on I made use of jquery to add some nice small features where I need to manipulate the HTML-Dom. For example the comment-form shows your Gravatar while you’re just typing your response. The Gravatar API is very easy, just make sure you MD5-Hash the e-mail address and and add this to a specific url for basic support of Gravatar. For full API please visit their site.





If you find some things that can be done better, please let me know. I already fixed a small bug in the comment form this morning. And of course please let me know all the positive things you have to say about my blog.

I made it very clear that I’m blogging about .NET and Silverlight most of the time. This even though my blog is still kept alive by Wordpress, built in php.