Book review: NHibernate in Action now in print

imageIt took the authors of NHibernate in Action a very long time to complete this book. It was already in the summer of 2006 that I got involved in the NHibernate in Action book. First steps were basically reviewing the first chapters manuscript. Later on I also reviewed other chapters. About half a year ago, or maybe it was even three quarter of a year ago (time goes fast these days), Manning asked me to do the Technical Proofreading of NHïbernate in Action. In het end the book finally got to print. And yes I really like it. Although I would have been very happy to have this book in the year 2006, I’m glad to have it now. Besides the fact that this is a NHibernate book, it also covers ORM in general. And a lot patterns and concepts discussed in this book apply to other ORMs as well, like Linq2SQL and the Entity Framework.