Add more code analysis to ReSharper

I’m an very enthusiastic ReSharper user before ReSharper 1 was even released. Just using beta’s in that era. One of the nice features ReSharper offers is the code analysis. I really like it, although I’ve used Coding Analysis that was offered by Visual Studio 2005 in the past. I had never used it in Visual Studio 2008, I do not even know if it still exists in Visual Studio 2008. But we have something new now: StyleCop StyleCop StyleCop can be downloaded from MSDN Code Gallery. StyleCop can enforce style rules. This is something that a lot of companies want to be enforced. Besides the fact I really like style to be enforced. It becomes even nicer, StyleCop can be integrated into ReSharper. You will need the StyleCop for Resharper plugin from CodePlex for this integration. I’ve tried it on a personal project and yes I kind of like it. I want to tweak it in some parts, but it’s something that helps enforcing me to add comments for example. Tweaking is very easy. Note: I copied the images from StyleCop for Resharper codeplex site.