DependencyProperties the easier way

After working with Workflow Foundation at a customer I had to admit: I hate DependencyProperties. Yes I hate them. They exist because Workflow Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation and now also Silverlight needed some way to add features to properties. I must admit I would have liked a different approach by using some kind of Aspect Orientation with PostSharp or so. But I still have to make use of them, so let's make the creation of DependencyProperties easier, an Resharper Live Template. Just a few words (Property Name, Property Type, Activity Type and PropertyDescription) and you'll have a full DependencyProperty. I made the Live Template start with word "dprop" and also made the Activity Type be selected by the containing class type.

1 public static DependencyProperty $PROPERTYNAME$Property = 2 DependencyProperty.Register("$PROPERTYNAME$", typeof ($PROPERTYTYPE$), 3 typeof ($ACTIVITYTYPE$)); 4 [Description("$PROPERTYDESCRIPTION$")] 5 [Browsable(true)] 6 [DesignerSerializationVisibility(DesignerSerializationVisibility.Visible)] 7 public $PROPERTYTYPE$ $PROPERTYNAME$ 8 { 9 get { return ($PROPERTYTYPE$) GetValue($PROPERTYNAME$Property); } 10 set { SetValue($PROPERTYNAME$Property, value); } 11 }

Have fun with it.