Mario Kart Wii

mariokartwiibox It's not because I've played every Wii game till the end. It's more something about playing a new and different game. Just a week ago I bought Mario Kart Wii as soon as it got release in The Netherlands. It was even a bargain because the shop had a special price for Friday and Saturday.

It's a fantastic game, I've played it alone to get some extra items release. It's very nice to play and the handling with the steering wheel is extraordinary. It's better than the old GameCube version of Mario Kart. Besides playing with the steering wheel it's also possible to use the old GameCube-controllers to play it. This is nice when there are more friends at home. You can play the game in multiplayer mode with a total of four players. But it is also possible to play it on the Internet. I haven't tried that, but all along this game will be played a lot in the oncoming months and maybe even years.