New business phone - Transition from Nokia 6230i to Motorola F3

I've got a new very nice but basic phone. Yes basic, you can use it to call and to sms. Not much yes that's true. My new phone is the Motorola F3, a phone I bought for € 35,- that's not much, and it does everything I want it to do. Color screen? No. Camera? No. No advanced features at all.

For a lot of people this is just too little functionality. But for me it just fits. And besides this, the phone is beautiful. That's the main reason for my transition from the old Nokia 6230i to my new Motorola F3 phone. I disliked the Nokia phone, and I like the basicness of my new phone. The display is some kind of e-ink based, which causes a very long battery life. There are lot of things my new phone can't do, but I can call with it!

 6230i f3