Super Mario Galaxy

super-mario-galaxyIt's been a while since I last posted about me gaming on the Nintendo Wii.

Yesterday I bought the just released Super Mario Galaxy. I didn't have time to play it yesterday, but today I played Mario Galaxy for about 2 hours. I really like it, it's a very nice game to play, the whole game has some very nice gravity. You are attracted or not, it's all very naturally.

Take a look at the dutch Super Mario Galaxy site to get an idea about the game-play. Also Google Video about Super Mario Galaxy.

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But Rajan confesses that when they were in Singapore, with consecutive performances of Krishnan's Dairy and also the company's latest show The Guru of Chai, he worried if the first work would still fully stand up."Guru shows a whole lot of maturity on our part even though Krishnan's is still strong, with a pure heart, I worried by investing in having a work that is so new, where we're with the peak of what we do, you <a href=>new balance pas cher</a> can't help but draw comparisons using a work that is more of an antique. What I learned is that they are really different but both very beautiful."For the cast and crew of The Arrival, travel reminded them from the importance of the story they tell. An adaption of Shaun Tan's graphic novel, The Arrival features no English the characters, in highly physical performances, speak a comprised language but it examines in recognisable detail why people leave qualities to search for the "better life".Since its debut on the Auckland Arts Festival in 2009, the production has played in Wellington, where it won six Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards, Sydney, Hong Kong and, in May, Korea.Visiting the Korean cities of Seoul and Busan, Red Leap founder and producer Julie Nolan says there are times when the 10 strong cast and 6 crew felt as if they'd strayed into the play itself. Certain items, train ticket machines, for instance, looked familiar but failed in quite the same way; the cityscapes were totally different and audiences responded in new solutions to the production."It was good to have a very feeling of living out areas of the play, to remember we are really not just putting on a theatre show but telling a story which carries a lot of weight and meaning for a lot of because it's their reality. They deal with the hugeness of coming to a new country looking to find their way around. It reminded us in the significance of the story we have been trying to tell."They are stories, say Indian Ink and Red Leap, needing no explanation because everyone recognises the characters and refers to their ambitions, however modest, and hopes, however high.The Arrival's nameless lead character, known only because the Traveller (Jarod Rawiri), encounters strange languages, peculiar customs and cultural traditions, and odd urban landscapes while he seeks to make himself in your own home in a foreign place.In Krishnan's Dairy, a modest man which has a big heart tries to do much the same, and the result is a true test of courage for all those around him; in Guru, present day and old world rub on one another on a kind of middle ground as characters attempt to navigate their way through both.Utilizing the Guru of Chai to Virginia, in america, Indian Ink was asked if Rajan could offer a "cultural presentation" before the show to explain it to an audience possibly less proficient in New Zealand or India than others.They refused. Lewis says they did not want to alter the audience's perception or appreciation but were thrilled to take questions after the performance. The organisers agreed; the viewers loved what they saw with no prior explanation.Coming home to execute Krishnan's Dairy and Guru at Q can be a dream come true for Lewis, among the driving forces behind the theatre's creation. After Auckland, Indian Ink travels to The big apple and, for Rajan, those performances on the Barrow Group's off Broadway theatre include the realisation of a life long goal to adopt a bite of the Big Apple.Red Leap co founder Kate Parker, who also appears in The Arrival, says the cast were surprised to get that when they left the Korean theatres these folks were greeted by throngs of men and women wanting autographs and photos using them.Though that's obviously a good affirmation, coming home to perform again is as important to the company as international plaudits."If you might have just one season and that's no more it, the show never reaches its full potential," says Parker. "Taking a show on the road lets it grow and after six seasons, it finally seems like it has hit its straps. It's a tighter and sharper production."What: Guru of ChaiWhere when: Q Theatre, July 11 21What: The ArrivalWhere when: Aotea Centre, July 13 14 (7.30pm), July 15 (4pm)What: Krishnan's DairyWhere when: Q Theatre, July 25 August 4Our Regional News StoriesThe Northern AdvocateHave your say: Obesity the fogeys faultRe Marie Kaire's letter "Obesity Answer" (February 19).

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