Book review: Test Driven by Lasse Koskela

Some time ago I did the technical review of the Manning Book Test Driven by Lasse Koskela. The book is available since October 10th.

The book is devided in three rough parts: Part 1, A TDD primer; Part 2,  Applying TDD to specific technologies; Part 3, Building products with acceptance TDD.

Part 1, A TDD primer: This part is about Testing in general and covers refactoring and patterns as well. Everything is written with Test Driven Development in mind. So don't expect all possible refactorings and patterns covered here.

Part 2, Applying TDD to specific technologies: This part covers testing on specific technologies. Where the first part can help people start testing, the second part will help people continue testing even if the more complicated tests need to be written. Specially complex testing on Web components, data access, etc.

Part 3, Building products with acceptance TDD: The last part covers more on acceptance testing. I haven't got any experience with automated acceptance testing but this part covers it quite well.

Although this book has some influence from the Java world almost everything can be applied within other technology worlds as well, like .NET, Ruby and PHP. I like this book and will use it every once in a while to keep myself focused.

Dynamics CRM 4.0 Titan - Screencasts

In the past I've worked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. Some time ago Microsoft anounced they were going to release version 4.0 Titan of their CRM software. After this I looked around on the internet for information about CRM 4.0.

In the last few weeks I found a lot of screencasts by Philip Richardson on CRM 4.0.

Besides this there's a new blog launched Microsoft CRM 4.0.

After watching the screencasts I have some comments to make.

The import and export for customizations now also supports the import and export of settings.

Mail merge seems to work when using the Outlook client, but does it also work from within the webclient?

Workflow now makes use of Workflow Foundation, very nice.

Still waiting for some more information about CRM 4.0. I'll post more about CRM 4.0 in the future.

Getting Things Done: Learn from David Allen

Getting things done is extremely popular. But what's better than learning form David Allen himself.

What's the video, I really like it:

David Allen also has his own Weblog on The Huffington Post. Read his posts:

Sleeping habits and Power napping

Profile your sleep

A lot of people feel they are tired. BBC has an assessment you can take about Sleeping habits. It gives you a quick insight about how you can make the most of your sleep time. My results are:

If keeping alert is your goal and you want to cut down your caffeine intake, try taking a short nap when you feel sleepy.

Exercise is a good way of improving your the start to the day. But if you exercise too close to bed time, it will make it difficult for you to sleep. After a heavy workout, your muscles may be tired, but muscles only need to rest, not sleep. Your brain will be too stimulated to calm down quickly.

I know that me exercising almost never isn't a good thing. I will try to get started using my spinning bike more often. Besides this what about power napping?

Power Nap

I once thought about Power Napping as a small nap for about 10 minutes. But after reading some more resources about Power Napping I found out there are actually four styles:

  • Nano nap - 10 to 20 seconds
  • Micro nap - 2 to 5 minutes
  • Mini nap - 5 to 20 minutes
  • Traditional power nap - 20 minutes
  • Lazy man's nap - 50 to 90 minutes - this is not a power nap ;-)

If I'm looking into this list, the best power nap for me should probably be something between micro nap and mini nap. Are you doing power naps? Or would you like to do power naps?

Resources on Power Napping:

Dependency Injection: Why depend?

Last month an article from my hand was published in the dutch .NET Magazine.

.NET Magazine

September 2007: The article I wrote about Dependency Injection is published in .NET Magazine #18. It's partly about the Dependency Injection concept and how to make use of Dependency Injection using Windsor. The article is in dutch. Download the article.

I'd like to know what everyone thinks about this article. Can you post any comments about it?

Something more about articles from my hand can be read here.