Personal Performance Indicator Tool Wannabe's

A little more than a month ago I posted about Personal Performance Indicators (PPI). You can compare a PPI to a KPI but a PPI is for a person himself. I was thinking about building a small simple PPI system, but due to lack of time I haven't started yet. But of course the world hasn't been standing still. Some time ago an article about Jerry Seinfeld's productivity secret appeared on Life Hacker. For the complete explanation about his secret you should read that article. For now I'll only tell you it's about: setting a goal and keeping yourself to this goal. There are already some tools supporting the secret from Jerry Seinfeld. I'm not using any of this tools yet, but I might get inspired by those tools for the PPI system. Don't Break The Chain! dontbreakthechain Smarter Fitter Seinfeldian Chain smarterfitter Joe's Goals joesgoals