5 Minute Productivity Enhancement: Google Apps - Part 1 - GMail

Some time ago I moved my domain to Google Apps. I must admit that I should have done this earlier. But now some time for more productivity enhancements. I'll write about GMail in this part, the other Google Apps will follow soon. Read also the other productivity enhancements: GMail short cuts that make you work more productive:
  • c: Compose a new message.
  • r: Reply to the message sender.
  • a: Reply to all message recipients.
  • f: Forward a message
  • /: Puts your cursor in the search box.
  • k: Move to newer conversation in the conversation list.
  • j: Move to older conversation in the conversation list.
  • o: Open the selected message.
  • u: Return to the conversation list.
  • TAB then ENTER: Send the message.
  • g then i: Go to "Inbox".
  • g then d: Go to "Drafts".
  • g then s: Go to "Starred".
  • g then a: Go to "All mail".
  • g then c: Go to "Contacts".