Patterns and Practices Guidance to Enterprise Library 3.0

I've never been a real fan of Enterprise Library. I've used User Interface Process (UIP) Application Block in the past no a few projects. Yes it was something interesting but it has been silent on UIP for a long time. And then there was Web Client Software Factory. But just very recently I came across the blog of Davin Hayden and notices he's making screencasts about Enterprise Library 3.0. I've seen all of them and I am going to like Enterprise Library 3.0 more and more. Some comments about the screencasts and what I like about them: A screencast about creating the Data Access Layer using Enterprise Library. Very nice screencast that puts everything together that's casted before on I've known the Model View Controller pattern from my early ICT-years, but everyone working on the web knows there are some troubles with MVC on the Web. Model View Presenter is a answer to this, which can also be applied to the Web Client Software Factory. Just some more introduction to the Depency Injection features offered by Enterprise Library 3.0. I think the features are still very premature, compared to Castle Windsor. But also this is a good start. An introduction to the Web Client Software Factory Composite Web Application Block talking most of the time about how the modules work and how your application is started. While an earlier screencast about the Validation Application Block show how to add validation attributes to a model object you can use an attribute on a method when you first want to validate before executing the method. Very nice, one place for your validation rules, and the ability to ensure validation before you for example save an object to the database. Just like the Validation Application Block, Caching can be done through attributes. A very nice screencast about how the Validation Application Block works. I really like the way you can use the Validation Block by just applying attributes on your model objects and how this integrates on your ASP.NET webpage.