Moved to Google Apps for my own domain

I've read a lot about people moving from their own e-mail hosting to Google Apps mail hosting. So did I today. I changed the MX-records so all mail previously managed by Alken Internet now is managed by Google Apps. I really like the service offered by Alken Internet, but Google Apps is free, and now I've got more hosting-space left for this blog ;-). I've been looking around in the domain management tools offered by Alken Internet, but didn't find anything to add CName records. I've now set to redirect to Google Webmail, to redirect to Google Calendar and to redirect to Google Docs. Maybe I'll be able to change this to real CName records, instead of redirects. Scott Hanselman also moved to Google Apps and has a very nice explaination about how he moved his family to Google Apps. I only move my fiancée and I, but who knows how large our family will grow in the future.