Moving from Windows Live Writer to Qumana

Almost a month ago I restarted blogging. In the past I've build my very own blogging engine, but now I'm using WordPress as my blogging engine. And as result of using Wordpress I'm able to make use of a standard blogging client. I started using Windows Live Writer (Beta 2) but not without troubles. I can no longer synchronize my online post with Windows Live Writer, I get a very annoying ArgumentOutOfRange exception. Besides this the upload picture feature seams to be broken.

So to overcome these troubles I now make use of Qumana as my blogging client. As a matter of fact, this is my first post using Qumana. Qumana is a little bit feature-less, but I will overcome this.

Qumana does support categories, but as I've seen it, I'm not able to add categories from within Qumana. Also the category-tree isn't actually a tree, but a plain list.

Qumana does support Spell Checking, very handy. Windows Live Writer should support it also, but I wasn't able to use that.

Also something I use on almost every post the "Read more..." link. Qumana doesn't have plain support for this. But I can add something in Source View like: <!--more-->

I will have to use Qumana for some time before I can really say it works.